About Dr. Rulin

A Native of China, Dr. Rulin Xiu attended UC Berkeley in 1989 where she studied physics, earning her doctor degree in 1994 on “Grand Unification Theory”.

Fascinated with Chinese and Tibetan herbal medicine since childhood, Dr. Xiu founded Pharm East, Pharm China, Pharm East Hawaii since 1996 to dedicate herself to the study of natural alternatives to manage common health problems. She searches all over the world, researches, studies, invents and develops unique nutritional technologies and formulation. Dr. Xiu is committed to combining science and traditional medicines in the formulation of the most effective natural remedies to help people live richer, happier, healthier, and longer lives. She also hopes to help local farmers and community, as well as preserve indigenous culture and environment through her work and effort.

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  1. Congratulations Dr.Rulin and Master Sha for the launch of this important blog for humanity! With Love & Light, Desiree