Thursday, February 19, 2015

What is Tao Chang, Tao Field?

Tao field is the field that is created by the emptiness. In the emptiness, there exists infinite possibility. The soul and heart of the emptiness is the fullest and largest. Therefore, Tao field is the largest and fullest soul and heart. Its mind is the fullest and clearest. Imagine, the mind that can explore all possibilities simultaneously and instantly, this mind is completely clear.

The normal space and time, our body, and everything around us and in our world are limited soul and heart. It has limited spectrum of vibrations. It is not complete. Because of its incompleteness, it has sickness and challenges. When we place the Tao field in our normal space and time, in our body, or the challenge in our life, it will fill up the missing vibrations that are needed to heal our body and the situation and help it reach Tao. 

Tao field is the nutrition, the medicine, the nectar, the savior, the teacher, the guide, the ultimate love, the father and mother of everything and everyone.

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  1. Thank you Master Rulin for this blog post. This deep insight made me finally understand the Tao Chang. Such joy and eureka! Da Ai. love you.