Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Do You Believe in Karma? - Excerpt of the upcoming book, Law of Karma

Dear beloved ones,

Welcome to our Soul Mind Body Science System blog. I am sending my love, gratitude, and appreciation to you. 

At this moment, I am at Tao Song Tao Dance Retreat. It is such a profound, powerful, and beautiful retreat. It is truly one of the most empowering retreats. We are truly blessed to be in the presence of Master Sha, singing and dancing. 

Being with Master Sha is a dream coming true. This statement is true for every student of Master Sha. It is true for me. 

One of my childhood dreams is to sing and dance for people. Before I met Master Sha, it seems that fate had always prevented me from fulfilling this dream. This dream comes true in the most beautiful and powerful way with the empowerment from Master Sha. It also combines so beautifully with our Soul Mind Body Science System research studies. Truly, Tao Song and Tao Dance is not only a powerful and beautiful way to help heal, transform, and enlighten people and humanity, it is also one of the most powerful ways to receive messages, information, inspirations from Heaven, Divine, and Tao. I am truly grateful for being empowered by Master Sha's teaching, practices, and blessings to do this. 

I am delighted to let everyone know that we have been writing the second book for the Soul Mind Body Science System Series, The Karma Law. I will share a sample of the book here. 

I want to invite you to read this excerpt and send me your feedback and input so that this book can serve you and humanity in the best way. Thank you for your service!  

Love and gratitude! 


Do You Believe in Karma?

“Do you believe in Karma? Raise your hand if you believe in karma.”

On the fateful day, September 09, 2009, I met Dr. and Master Sha for the first time while attending his one-day workshop in my neighborhood in Hawaii. He presented this significant question to us, about hundred participants.

I raised my hand. But as a Berkeley trained theoretical physicist, who received the Ph. D for the research on string theory and grand unification theory, deep in my heart and mind, I started to think about how to understand karma from the fundamental physics point of view.

Can we derive Karma Law, this important spiritual law, from physics theories? Can we express karma law mathematically? In other words, is Karma Law also a physical law?

Master Sha is probably the most passionate spiritual teacher to teach humanity about karma in the whole history. When we are writing this book, a message came to me: Master Sha comes to Mother Earth at this critical moment to teach humanity about karma. He comes here to help humanity remove their karma. I was shown the image of Noah on the ark with most of humanity being wiped out. I realize at this historic moment that it is critical for each one of us and for humanity to know about karma and how to clear our bad karma so that we can avoid the catastrophes that may wipe out most of humanity.

My idle contemplation turns out to be of great relevance to humanity, and to my own great astonishment.

When you mention karma to people, most people think of the bad consequence from their past action, the punishment they have to endure. They have a negative feeling about it.

When we come to the mathematical expression for the karma law, I realize Karma Law is the most empowering physical and spiritual law. It tells us that we are the creator of our own reality. It shows us how we can manifest everything and anything we ever want. It reveals to us that the magical freedom and abilities we have to create is beyond our imagination. Karma Law holds the key for liberating humanity from the suffering. It holds the key to uplifting everyone and all humanity to a higher level beyond our current imagination and comprehension.

There is nothing to blame, nothing to be anxious or stress about. All is in our own hands at this moment, right here. We are in control of everything in our own reality. We can create anything we ever want.

To become a powerful creator or to be ultimately in control of your reality, you need to know the Law of Karma. 

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