Friday, April 17, 2015

Heart and Coincidence

Many of us have had the experience that when we feel a deep-hearted realization, suddenly we notice many coincidences that support this heart-felt truth.

For example, one day my girl friend, Mimi, had a heart opening experience and came to a profound realization that love is all that is in the world. The next day, she went out to town. She found that many people treated her so lovingly. The waitress gave her an extra dish and dessert. Someone gave her some extra money. Another person wanted to give her a well-paid job. These experiences are obviously not coincidence. It is her own heart-felt realization, her heart activities that initiated these nice loving actions towards her. In more scientific terms, her heart put out the “love vibrations” which in turn activated the “love vibrations” in other people.

Many of us have had this experience. One day, we suddenly realize an important thing we need to do in our life. All of a sudden, we find that people appear in our life to help us with this project. This is due to the fact that some of us are created together for a large task. When our heart is ready to step into our role to fulfill this task, the people who are created for the same task will be activated to come to your life to fulfill the task together with us.

In essence, coincidence and synchronicity are caused by our own heart activities and deep soul connections.

Love and gratitude,


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