Monday, April 13, 2015

How can we define spirit in quantum physics?

One of the greatest discoveries of quantum physics is that everything is in essence a vibrational field. The vibrational field can be described mathematically by wave function. The wave function expresses what kinds of vibrations exist in an object or a system.  From the wave function, one can calculate the energy, momentum, information, spectrum of frequencies, and other properties of an object or system. 

We propose that we can use a fundamental concept of quantum physics, the wave function, to mathematically define spirit.  We find that the wave function can account for the following characteristics of spirit:

  1. Everyone and everything has a spirit.
  2. The spirit of anyone or anything is the essence of that thing. Spirit is the boss. Spirit determines the behavior and quality of each one and each thing. Spirit determines the information, energy, and other physical qualities of all things.
  3. Spirit is the vibrational field of everyone and everything.
  4. Spirit carries the potentialities of everyone and everything.
  5. Spirit can create, manifest, know at a distance, affect instantly at a distance, intuit, heal remotely and instantly, communicate telepathically, produce psychokinesis, and possesses clairvoyance. Through the wave function, quantum physics provides a scientific way to understand the powers and potentials of spiritual phenomena.

If the wave function is the way to describe everything in quantum physics, how does it correspond in the “real world”? 

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