Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quantum Physics and Soul

While at one time science and spirituality went hand in hand, they have been looked at as separate for over three hundred years. Most people think that science does not deal with spiritual phenomena and that the existence of spiritual phenomena lacks scientific proof. I am excited to share with you, as a quantum physicist, that our research is showing that this is not the case.

We find that quantum physics is the theory of soul, heart, mind, and body. Quantum physics can explain spiritual phenomena. It even provides the mathematical expression for soul and provides proof of spiritual realities.  To understand quantum physics is to understand soul. To know soul is to know quantum physics.

How do we come to this conclusion? Let me explain to you what we have discovered in more detail in this blog. Please feel free to ask us questions. We will make sure to answer them. 

Firstly, it is interesting to notice spiritual phenomena and quantum phenomena have great similarities. One similarity is that both quantum and spiritual phenomena have a spooky effect at a distance. What happens at one place can instantly be felt at a distance without traveling through space and time even at the speed of light. Albert Einstein called these quantum phenomena the “mysterious action at a distance.”

For example, imagine two electrons are created from one source and traveling in the opposite direction. Because these two electrons are created from the same source, they are quantum entangled. In quantum physics, it is found that for the two objects that are quantum entangled, when one object is observed in a certain state, the other entangled object automatically and instantly comes to the state that is determined by the entanglement. It appears that what happens to one object instantly affects the object that it is quantum entangled with. 

Now imagine one of the electrons is at one end of the universe. The other is at the other side of the universe. It will take a beam of light billions of years to travel from one electron to the other electron to tell one electron what has happened to the other electron.

Next you put a magnetic field, a field created by magnets, on one of the electrons. You will find that that electron will start to rotate in the same direction as the magnetic field. Quantum physics tells you that the other electron will instantly and automatically rotate in the opposite direction, although no one has done anything to it. The action of making one electron rotate in one direction can instantly effect the other electron, no matter how far away the other electron is. This non-local effect is in contradiction to Einstein’s relativity theory. According to Einstein’s theory, all information or effect will take at least the time for a beam of light to travel from one place to another..

Because of this non-local effect, many physicists thought quantum physics is too unscientific to be the correct or complete theory about our reality. Einstein died not believing in quantum physics.

It is interesting to see that spiritual phenomena, such as direct knowing, intuition, distant healing, and instant healing, also have the similar phenomena of what happens at one place can instantly be known or affect what happens in the distance.  These non-local phenomena are beyond space and time just like quantum phenomena.

In the next blog, we will explore more similarities between quantum physics and spiritual phenomena. We will show you how quantum physics is the science of soul.

Tune in next week for this discussion. In the meantime, please feel free to ask us questions and share this blog with others.

Love you. Love you. Love You. 
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Rulin. I am resonating with the book and this blog also. Da Gan En