Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Is the World Subjective Or Objective?

Since Issac Newton set up the foundation for physics, physical science is built on the foundation that our reality does not depend on our personal preference. It is objective. For instance, whether we like it or not, the earth rotates around the sun every day. The existence of the sun does not depend on us.

The objective nature of physical science is challenged with the discovery of quantum phenomena. Quantum phenomena are not objective. They depend on the observer’s action.  For example, the location of a photon depends on where you put the detector or detectors. 

Spirituality is to study how our personal actions, such as thought, speech, hearing, movement, and more affect our reality. Both quantum and spiritual phenomena are subjective. They depend on the person who observes or participates in it.

The subjective nature of quantum phenomena has shaken the foundation of physical science at its core. Do we need to revise the whole foundation of science because of the discovery of quantum phenomena? Or should we simply ignore quantum phenomena and the existence of spiritual phenomena and not accept the subjective nature of our reality? In this way, we don’t have to face the challenge presented to us by quantum and spiritual phenomena about how real our reality really is.

The debate about the subjectiveness of our reality is still ongoing in quantum physics. The question about the existence of soul is also an ongoing debate in our life. These are very important questions. Unfortunately, most physicists go on with their research without delving into these important basic questions. They simply treat quantum physics as a mathematic tool for doing calculation. Many people go on with their lives without looking into these important basic questions.

As you will see later, the ignorance of these issues will lead to more and more challenges both in science and in our daily life. The clarification of these questions can expand our current science. It can liberate us from our pain, suffering, illusion, and limitations. It can bring the enlightenment, joy, wisdom, and empowerment to our life beyond our imagination.

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  1. A Truly Great Movie, Aluna, (by and about the Kogi Tribe) shows this graphically by showing the impact our thoughts have on the environment. There is one heart-touching scene where a lush ecosystem has been restored with the power of thought.