Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is the phenomenon that when two objects or two systems are quantum entangled with each other, the observation of one object or system can instantly affect the state of the other object or system, no matter how far away they are from each other. effect of the entangled objects or systems on each other is instant and non-local. It does not take any time. It does not depend on the location of the two objects or systems. The effect does not need a medium such as gravity or electromagnetic field.

Quantum entanglement phenomenon is embedded in quantum physics in a fundamental way. Its nature of non-locality has challenged the classical idea about causality. Many scientists, the most prominent perhaps being Albert Einstein, have tried different schemes to disprove it. However, after 100 years, quantum entanglement phenomena are proven by more and more experiments. It is now established as a proven fundamental physical phenomenon.

Quantum entanglement is also called quantum coherence or quantum correlation. In the past, physicists thought that quantum entanglement only exists at the microscopic level. For example, when the idea of producing a maser/laser, which is coherent light existing at the macroscopic scale, was first suggested, several eminent physicists argued that it could not work because they didn’t think it was possible to produce a coherent light beam at the macroscopic level. The successful creation of laser light at the macroscopic level demonstrates that quantum entanglement can happen at the macroscopic level. Now more and more experiments are confirming the existence of quantum entanglement at macroscopic scale.

Some spiritual phenomena relate to knowing and affecting things over distance instantly. In the past, these spiritual phenomena were considered to violate physical law. Now we can see that spiritual knowing, telepathy, distance healing and other non-local instant spiritual effects can simply be quantum entanglement phenomena. They may be explained by quantum physics.

In the future blog, we will explore how quantum entanglement indicates higher human potential and abilities for everyone and everything. It also shows us the existence of a universal spirit, Divine or God. But before we explore these serious questions, let’s continue our discussion about the similarity between quantum and spiritual phenomena.

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  1. I had a personal experience of this a few years ago when I planted three sunflower seeds and named them Faith Hope and Charity. In November of that same year I was visiting someone in a distant city and she had a picture of sunflowers on her refrigerator. When I asked her about the picture she told me three sunflowers appeared in her garden that year and people would actually stop their cars to look at them. There was something special and magnetic about those sunflowers. Special indeed! That was my first confirmation of quantum physics.