Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hawaiian Stories About Soul

One kahuna told me one of his personal stories relating to pohaku (stone). When he was a young man, one day while walking on a beach, he was attracted to a stone. He picked it up and brought it home. Liking it very much, he put it on his bed stand and then forgot about it.

For a long time he was wondering why he could not have a romantic relationship with a woman. One day he accidently mentioned to his elder the stone he had brought home from the beach. His elder smiled and told him that his pohaku, the stone, had been jealous and prevented him from having a relationship with a woman. His elder suggested he respectfully return the stone back to the beach, which he did faithfully. After that, he quickly found the woman of his life.

My favorite spirit stories are about Pele, the Hawaiian volcanic goddess. Many people told me they have seen Pele in many different forms. There are stories about how Pele would destroy things she didn’t approve of and how she will purposely spare the homes of good people from her raging lava.

One man told me his aunt’s experience with Pele. Pele’s raging lava had gotten close to his aunt’s house several times, but her auntie’s house was spared every time. What is his auntie’s secret?

Before the lava got very close and she had to evacuate from her house, his auntie would clean up her house, cook a nice meal and put a nice bottle of gin on the table together with the food. I asked why his aunt did that. He said his aunt told him, “This is the only way to treat an honorable guest.”

I was fascinated with Hawaiian stories about soul. However, without personal experience or scientific proof of their existence, I could not tell whether they were true or not.

When I finally had my own first spiritual experience, my life was forever changed.

Tune in next week…

Love you. Love you. Love you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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