Thursday, May 14, 2015

Self Clear Karma

Karma is the records of services. Karma is divided into good karma and bad karma. Good karma means one has done great service including love, care compassion, sincerity, honesty, generosity, purity and integrity and much more in all past lives and in this life. Bad karma means one has done harm including killing, stealing, cheating, taking advantage of others and more in all past life times and in this life.

Karma is the cause effect relationship. This is the major spiritual law in the universe. Karma can be summarized in one sentence: “Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life.” Good karma receives blessings including good health, happiness, harmonizing relationships, flourished finances and more. Bad karma learns the lessons, including sickness, challenges in the relationships and finances. 

Self clear karma is to clear the bad karma. There is one sentence secret: “To offer the unconditional service to others is the secret to self clear karma.” To offer service is to make others happier and healthier. There are many kinds of good services, including serving the poor, natural disasters, homeless people, and people in hunger, sickness, and all kinds of challenges. 

Dr. and Master Sha received the Love Peace Harmony soul song on September 10, 2005. He created Love Peace Harmony Movement in 2010. Up to now, there are millions of people in mother earth who have sung this soul song. This soul song has become a major soul healing treasure for humanity.

Why is this soul song extremely powerful and effective? It is because it carries soul frequency and vibration with love, forgiveness, compassion and light.  Soul frequency and vibration could transform the frequency and vibration of body, system, organ and cells, as well as to transform relationship, finances and every aspect of life.

To sing this soul song is the major soul technique to receive soul healing and give soul healing to others.  

Thank you.   Thank you.  Thank you.  


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