Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Synchronicity or Coincidence

One of the greatest discoveries of quantum physics is that everything is in essence a
vibrational field. The vibrational field can be described mathematically by wave
function. The wave function expresses what kinds of vibrations exist in an object or
a system; it further shows the possibility for the object or system to be at certain
vibrations. From the wave function, one can calculate the energy, momentum,
information, spectrum of frequencies, and other properties of an object or system.
Quantum physics is about how to calculate the wave function of an object or system
and how to derive all its properties from its wave function.

We find that the wave function can account for the following characteristics about soul:

        1.   Everyone and everything has a soul.
        2.  The soul of anyone or anything is the essence of that thing. Soul is the boss.
             Soul determines the behavior and quality of each one and each thing. Soul
             determines the information, energy, and other physical qualities of all things.
        3.  Soul is the vibrational field of everyone and everything.
        4.  Soul carries the potentialities of everyone and everything.
        5.  Soul can create, manifest, know at a distance, affect instantly at a distance
             intuit, heal remotely and instantly, communicate telepathically, produce
             psychokinesis, and possesses clairvoyance. Through the wave function,
             quantum physics provides a scientific way to understand the powers and potentials of soul.

The wave function also provides a way to understand synchronicity or “coincidence.”
Synchronicity occurs when two or more events that appear to be casually unrelated
(or are unlikely to occur together) are experienced as occurring together. Synchronicity
and coincidence are the magic of our lives. We experience them daily. In fact, the world
consists mainly of synchronicity and coincidence. All divination systems use synchronicity
and coincidence as a universal law for predicting the future. We propose to explain
synchronicity and coincidence as being due to the fact that every soul is quantum entangled
with all souls because they were created from the same source.

        6.   The wave function provides a way to derive the universal Law of Karma.
              Karma Law is an important spiritual law relating to soul. The Karma Law
              states that our past actions (including behaviors, words, and thoughts)
              determine our present reality, as well as our future circumstances. We will
              derive Karma Law in the next section. 

Since the wave function “walks and talks” and looks and acts like soul, we conclude
that soul can be mathematically described by the wave function. Wave function is
the mathematical expression of soul.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


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