Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rulin's Greece Trip III

Aug 26. It is the first day I am attending the conference. The day is packed with presentations. My presentation is scheduled to be at 5:45 pm.

It was a strange feeling to listen to all the physics talks. I haven’t been doing this for nearly twenty years. During the lunch time, I found the chair, Sonia Kabana, who is the one who responded to my email and invited me to present at the conference. I introduced myself. She turned out to be a very warm, beautiful woman physicist. She told me she was a Greek. Now she worked in a university in Paris.

During the day, I was impressed with some of the talks and talked to the presenters. One of the professors came from Arizona. He was so well-spoken and passionate about his research.  He left a good impression on me. I later talked with him during the coffee break. I told him about my research and the results we were able to obtain and invited him to attend my presentation and gave me his feedback. He made a candid comment, “When people tell me all the big results they were able to get, I usually tend to be skeptical.” I said, “Yes, I am glad that you are skeptical. That’s why I want to invite you to my talk and give me your feedback and comments.” He nicely agreed.

My talk went smoothly. More than five people asked me questions. One question is: “You have shown that your theory can prove and predict some observed experimental result. Can you make other predictions that have not been observed?” I said: “Yes, many new predictions comes out of our theory. In fact, this project is only part of our big research project, which is related to integrate science and spirituality into one. ” The organizer said that this presentation is completely different from all others. There are many new powerful results. It is truly quite interesting and fascinating presentation.

After my talk, I had several people who wanted me to email them our paper. Later I found Sonia and asked her feedback about my presentation. She made a good comment about my talk to me and others. I found the professor from Arizona and asked him whether he attended my talk. He said he did. But he didn’t understand it. He thinks I did a poor job to make my work understandable to people. He also commented that there are probably only 3 people in this audience who have enough knowledge to understand my talk. Hearing his feedback, I silently made a decision to really improve my presentation skills and make it more understandable to more people. 

After my talk, there was a talk about Einstein’s credo. I was quite impressed that they have such a talk in this kind of conference. I truly enjoyed the talk. It was interesting to learn from the presentation that Einstein tried to create a “religion” through his physics research. He considered his physics research as divine service to humanity.  Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” 

I was truly inspired by this talk. I saw it as a sign that physicists are looking to go beyond the physical and serve humanity in a higher level. I went up to Sonia and told her about my research on Tao Source Physics. I told her that if there is an opportunity, I would love to present this work. It may be stimulating topic for this conference. Sonia was excited about this. She promised to look into schedule and also talked with other organizing chairs of the conference about having me give another talk.

The conference dinner is out-door, with a poster session going on simultaneously. After that, there is an opera performance. During the opera performance, Sonia came and sat next to me. I could see she felt very close to me. After the opera, we started to talk again and another man joined our conversation. But before I knew it, I was giving them soul healing, soul reading, through soul song and Tao calligraphy. They were absolutely fascinated. We stayed up till very late before we hugged each other and said goodbye to each other for the night. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences, and the feedback, Dr. and Master Rulin. Fascinating! I am surprised that the one professor said that perhaps only 3 at the conference could understand your presentation. I have little formal education in physics yet the clarity of your recent presentations has been quite clear and very exciting.

    I laughed with joy to read that after the opera, you gave soul healing, soul reading, and shared soul song and Tao calligraphy!

    With fascination and appreciation,


  2. Master Rulin...I am pleased that you were so well received at this conference. I love that you were able to make soul to soul heart to heart connection with people and truly share the healing with them. I think this will impact them alot and they will help spread the word. Congratulations.