Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rulin's Greece Trip II

After more than 38 hours of traveling, I finally reached my final destination, Chania, Greece. When I got into my hotel, it is already 5:30 pm. Knowing that the daily conference session is over, being so tired, I went straight to sleep. I woke around 7 pm, took a walk to the OAC, Othordox Academy of Crete, to check out the conference site. OAC is set by the ocean, with a beautiful ocean view.

Sitting by a bench, facing the ocean, and later eating at a restaurant by the ocean, more ancient memory came back to me. I saw myself a goddess in the very ancient Greek time. As the Goddess and God, we knew the law of creation and we know how to use it. We had what is now called super human powers. But we didn’t know the whole wisdom. We used our knowledge and power for selfish causes. Our mistakes had brought catastrophies to the land and people. I saw the hellish volcanic eruption, flood, and earthquake taking away most of the population.

The wisdom we knew at the time about creation was taken away from us and humanity in general because of our mistakes. 

It was out of the compassion, love and grace of The Source that we were given one more chance now, to do it right. Our heavy karma that would have taken us forever to be removed has been removed from us in a split of a second by The Source.

I started to cry at this moment. Truly, bow down eternally will not be enough to pay back the virtue given to me to have this chance to do it right again in this lifetime.

Yes, I will make is right in this lifetime. Is that why I have come back here, to get up at where I had fallen before?  

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