Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heart is Crucial To Manifest Reality

We have shown that soul can be mathematically described by wave function. Soul contains all the potentiality and possibility of an object. To define heart and mind, it is important to understand how the reality we observe is a manifestation of soul.

In quantum physics, the wave function manifests through measurement. Measurement is observation. The actions of seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing, touching, moving, knowing, and other observations are all measurements in physics.

In quantum physics, all measurable physical quantities can potentially have many different values simultaneously prior to their measurement. For example, a vibration can exist in all spaces and times. The observed location of an object can be any place chosen by the observer. The observation or measurement is the process of manifestation and creation of reality (Ref 9).

We think that the heart’s function corresponds to measurement in quantum physics. We propose to define heart as receiver or detector of an object or system of the various vibrations, states, and possibilities of soul. Heart is crucial for manifesting the reality we observe.  

Mind is usually defined as the cognitive faculties that enable consciousness, perception, thinking, learning, reasoning, and judgment. People have sought to develop an understanding of what mind is and its distinguishing properties in various fields of study, such as philosophy, religion, psychology, and the cognitive sciences. Here we define mind as the processor of the information, energy, and matter received by the heart.

According to our definition, everything has heart because everything has the ability to receive certain vibrations. Everything has mind because everything can process information, energy, and matter.

It is important to note that, in our definition of heart and mind, soul determines our heart and our mind. From the mathematical expression of soul, we can calculate the properties of heart and mind.

We can mathematically express heart and mind using the framework of quantum physics. 

All measurable quantities, including space, time, energy, momentum, and spin, are operators in quantum physics. Operators can act on the wave function. Operators can modify and manifest some of its vibrations.

We can use operators to mathematically express heart and mind. The heart and mind operator may contain a combination of other operators such as time, space, hearing, speaking, calculating, movement, and more.

Matter and energy has been well defined in physics. Energy is the measure of the ability of an object or a system to do physical work, such as lift a weight. Matter relates to the measurable physical qualities of an object or a system, such as mass content, frequency, electric charge, spin, and other measurable quantities.

The manifestation process starts at the soul level. The heart receives the vibrations from the soul, the vibration field. It activates the mind to process the information, energy, and matter it receives. The mind then directs the energy to move. The energy moves matter. Matter is what we observe.

With the definition of soul, heart, mind, energy and matter as physical quantities, we can create Tao Source Physics. In Tao Source Physics, the spiritual and material become one. This will contribute to the integration of science with religion and spirituality (Ref 15). 


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  1. Physics, biology, psychology and theology (or a-theology if one prefers) are all valid areas of study that, in one sense, don't need to prove themselves to each other. That said, I appreciate your work on integration, Dr. Xiu. And I especially appreciate your work on heart as an organ of perception and reception.