Monday, August 3, 2015

Master Sha Tao Healing Calligraphy and Events in Honolulu

Today, we held Master Sha’s first event at Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Honolulu. The hall where the event is holds more than 40 Master Sha’s Tao Healing Calligraphy. The brilliant light coming out from these calligraphies are so brilliant. Its spiritual light is brighter than anything I have ever experienced in this whole universe. It is literally brighter than billions of galaxies. Sitting inside this sacred temple, receiving the amazing teaching, healing, and blessings from our beloved spiritual teacher and father, Master Sha, it is like the dream of millions of my lives has come true. I feel like to pinch myself to make sure that it is really truly happening. It is truly beyond my imagination and comprehension.

On the stage, ten Tao Healing Calligraphies with the 10 Das (ten great qualities) shines their greatest blessings to each participant:

Da Ai (Greatest Love)
Da Kuan Shu (Greatest Forgiveness)
Da Ci Bei (Greatest Compassion)
Da Guang Ming (Greatest Light)
Da Qian Bei (Greatest Humility)
Da Chang Sheng (Greatest Prosperity)
Da Gan En (Greatest Gratitude)
Da Fu Wu (Greatest Service)
Da Yuan Man (Greatest Enlightenment)

I saw the countless saints, saints animals, countless temples, instruments, and devices coming out of these calligraphies. It was truly spectacular. They come to me and each participant to heal and bless us. They removed so much blockages from me and others. I saw myself being transformed to this amazing brilliant temple full of 10 Das. My gratitude is beyond words. I know I can’t pay back these blessings even if I bow down forever.

I call all souls come to Master Tao Healing Events in Honolulu, Hawaii. You will be so blessed if you come here. We are so blessed!

With greatest love, gratitude, and blessings to you all,

Master and Dr. Rulin Xiu

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